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Workshops and Sessions

Yoga Shaman Healing

A higher octave of healing through Christ Consciousness to amplify the recipient’s energy and vibration - matching energetic abilities for an extended period in a healing or for all time in an attunement. When applied the recipient can feel in his/her own body the equal frequency (in degree and intensity of evolution) as that of the Yoga Christ Shaman Lineage of Masters. 
Available Services: 
Energy Clearing & Balancing                                 Spirit Totems & Guides
Chakra or Full Body Treatment                              Coaching & Mentoring
Ascension Attunement                                             Empowerment & Restorative Work

Calls, Clinics, Retreats & other engagements

Taught and trained in diverse fields of philosophies and processes through hands-on experience and learning from both a Eurasian genealogy and training lineage as well as direct guidance from the Hierarchy of Eastern Yogi Christs and Immortal Spanish Shamans at whose feet I was born and raised.  Ancient and ageless teachings from both east and west provide the balance, clarity, and perspective in which to approach a concern or challenge. 
We are Sun and Moon, East and West, micro and macro. We are here to share experiences, events, and expertise from a variety of levels, facets, and approaches.

Distance Healing

Sessions are available on SKYPE and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  A healing can be sent to you from anywhere in the world.  Send your requests to [email protected]